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Car wars

Posted on May 16, 2013 | in Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur | by Richard

My foster brother Ian called me from his home in New South Wales after a few beers. “I got to say I really love ya bro, but there’s one time I really thought you were a bustard.” I tried to remember if I’d ever been nasty to his teddy bear as a kid or something, but he continued “It’s when you got that bloody Ferrari. As a mechanic I love those things but I’ve never even sat in one. It’s unfair- you wouldn’t even know where the engine is!” I thought I’d wind him up a bit and said, “No, I know it’s at the back because I went to put some luggage there once but couldn’t.” He just groaned.

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Chess players may be nerds but they sometimes pack a punch

Posted on February 11, 2013 | in Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur | by Richard

I think I closed my eyes as the other boy pounded my face, punch after punch. It seemed I had no defence, trying to hit him back or to block him was just useless. The minister eventually broke us up though, and it was only then that I burst out crying. “I didn’t come to church group for this! I don’t want to box!” He looked at me sadly. “I had you do this for a reason: it’s good for 14-year-olds. It helps you grow up.” A hundred thoughts filled my head. I was normal, why did I need to grow up? How does getting beaten up somehow mature you? Is there something religious about salvation through suffering?

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Disney ending for the man who started the golden era of animation

Posted on February 5, 2013 | in Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur | by Richard

What are the three words in the English language beginning with Dw? Our boozy boys’ lunch suddenly took an intellectual turn when someone lobbed in this cracker of a question. Our bodies momentarily froze and we stared into the distance, slight frowns, deep in thought, competition now upon us. “Dwarf!” someone yelled, and at first I thought he was commenting on my height, but he was just triumphant to find the first word. As the mental search continued, I talked about the movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Confession cosmetics

Posted on January 21, 2013 | in Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur | by Richard

I looked like something out of a Frankenstein movie, but it was going to be a fun party and I didn’t want to miss it. Fingers were soon being jabbed towards my forehead by friends who looked puzzled and slightly repulsed. “What happened to you?” they demanded. I had dotted lines of dark and blotchy marks from one side to the other. It was no point lying. “I did Botox. A friend offered to do it, so I decided to give it a try. I thought she knew what she was doing. Before injecting, she marked the locations with a pen and said the marks would wash away, but they didn’t. I almost scrubbed to the bone trying.” “Sure Richard, but you’re mad to use an amateur.”

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Why creativity kicked me out of the kitchen

Posted on January 14, 2013 | in Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur | by Richard

It could’ve been the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, but I decided to do it anyway. The offer was to appear on the TV series Celebrity MasterChef, and the main problem was that I could cook about as well as I can speak Swahili. But that oft-repeated mantra of “take yourself out of your comfort zone” and a desire to learn something new, took hold. As preparation, I booked myself some private lessons. I found myself grilling, frying and roasting, things I’d seen more in business meetings than in kitchens. I was told there’s less risk of cutting yourself with a sharp knife than a blunt knife, a logic I understood but which didn’t prevent me from arriving for the first day’s filming with several band aids on my fingers; blue in case they slipped into someone’s stew.