Taming the Lion

The book was written over two years by Richard without a ghost writer. It has since been published worldwide and earned more than 50 favourable industry reviews. For example, it was named by Motley Fool as one of the best ever books on investing.


... of a Serial Entrepreneur. Excerpts of Richard’s hit column in City AM newspaper can now be found here as blog posts.


Richard's philosophy was described by Internet Week: "When Farleigh invests in a firm, he checks the technology, the competition, customer endorsements and management teams, because "there's more technology around than there is good management".

Public Speaking

Richard offers audiences an in depth look at the many principles he has used over 20 years to become one of Europe’s most successful investors. These are certainly words of wisdom, as they come not from a theoretical background but from real-life experiences of Richard’s career.

Byte Night

Each year in October, Richard sleeps on the streets to raise money for Action for Children's annual event, Byte Night. The event has raised over £1 million annually to support some of the 800,000 young people who are homeless in the UK. You can help and get involved too.

Australian Story

Richard was profiled on ABC's Australian Story. It took an intimate look at his life, and how he turned it around to become a multi-millionaire, appearing on Dragons' Den. It is available to watch for free along with other videos here.